The 2024 season

A Harmonist spiritual center where we are one in the spirit and the earth is our family.

When the unseen becomes seen, the world changes, and the universe becomes one and whole. In this world of strife and divisiveness, it can be difficult to believe that we are part of a unified spirit. The question becomes how to recognize the spirit at all even though it's all around us. A blind person cannot see the sun even when staring directly at it. However, its presence becomes known by its warmth on the skin. It's like being part of an unfolding play being written daily by an all-creating, all-sustaining spiritual force manifesting itself at every moment. 

We were watching Star Trek Discovery, one of our favorite sci-fi shows, when one of the characters said, "We are a single living organism." That resonated with me because for years I've been trying to encapsulate our Harmonist spirituality into just a few words, and there it was, "We are a single living organism." And I take that to mean the totality of everything, where each of us is a part of that, like fingers on a hand. Yes, a finger can be cut off, but the hand and organism are less for it. Cut off too much and the organism dies. But care for each finger and the organism thrives. Still, it's easier to think of a finger as being free and independent rather than being part of something bigger than itself. It gives us a new perspective and a new way of looking at things. 

And another thing from"Star Trek Discovery" (Who knew science fiction could be so spiritual?) was that we are so deeply disconnected from our original and primal unity that we don't even remember a past time when we were connected. That's probably why this new way of looking at things can seem so unusual and even bizarre, when actually it's our birthright. We just have to learn it all over again. This new yet old way of thinking helps guide my potential for becoming a more nurturing, connected person. 


Our image is the lily, a beautiful flower in a garden that needs to be tended. 

The Hermitage comprises historic buildings, the Mahantongo Heritage Center, exhibits, collections and craft shops, but, most of all, it is community and family; a place where the spirit incarnates in healing, beauty, harmony, and many, many animals and birds. It is a glowing facet of the jewel that is our sacred mother earth

We lived in the barn for nearly two years until moving a small log cabin and rebuilding it. 

Now the Hermitage comprises nearly 30 structures, including craft houses, a restored one-room school house, a restored general store and the 1758 community house. Many of these were moved to the site and adaptively reused. 

Our founder was Christian Renatus von Zinzendorf, who died in London in 1752 at the age of 24 and was the leader of the Moravian Single Brothers. They believed his spirit was reborn in a spring in Pennsylvania, and he remains our role model for uniting earth and spirit. 

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