While our hymns contain the full range of  Harmonist beliefs, we have also written a set of tracts that present our spirituality and life here at the Hermitage in a more discursive format. These currently include “Acting through harmony,” “Animals,” :Christel as a role model for unity,” “Dogma/Dharma,” “Evolution of the spirit,” “Harmonist spiritual practices,” “The healing power of unity,” “The Hermitage as a pilgrimage site,” “The Hidden Seed,” “How one becomes one,”

Six things we want you to know about the Hermitage, home of the Harmonists


 1. The Hermitage is an ark of preservation, beauty and safety, where the  spirit is visible, the earth is sacred and our founder resides in a spring.  (Bro. Johannes)

 2. The Hermitage is a New Eden, containing a family of animals and plants  living in a balance of harmony. (Bro. Zephram)

 3. The Hermitage is where beauty and harmony dwell, where earth joins  with spirit and where humanity unites with all living things. (Bro. Johannes)

 4. The Hermitage is a place set apart from the world to create a  timeless joy of communion between the seen and the unseen, the known  and the unknown. (Bro. Zephram)

 5. The Hermitage, where one is all and all are one.  The paradigm of how  the world is understood is changed so it is no longer a place of separation  and division but one of healing and unity. We act on the premise that all  things come from the spirit, that all things are sustained by the spirit and  that all things return to the spirit. This makes the entire planet a single  family. (Bro. Johannes)

 6. The Hermitage is a New Jerusalem, a land where vision displaces logic;  where the past and present become one; where the act of living becomes  a holy act, and the center of the universe turns within the harmony of its creation. (Bro. Zephram)

Hermitage emblem